Profile Fertilisers: Nurturing Growth with Innovation and Sustainability

In November 2018, Profile Fertilisers emerged as a beacon of innovation in the agricultural sector. Originating as a startup, the business found its inspiration in the remarkable results achieved by producing small batches of fertiliser for two closely associated farmers.

At the heart of Profile Fertilisers’ success lies the commitment to crafting unique, biological fertilisers that outperform conventional chemical alternatives. The company takes pride in designing and manufacturing the majority of its products, setting them apart in an industry often dominated by mass-produced solutions. The key products, notably the slow-release phosphate product T3 and the revolutionary lime product “Elevate,” showcase the company’s dedication to innovation.

Targeting sheep and beef farmers, dairy farmers, some cropping ventures, maize producers, and small-scale landholders, Profile Fertilisers caters to a diverse agricultural landscape. Their preference for supplying bulk products to farmers, who can then apply them through trucks or aircraft, underlines their commitment to providing efficient and flexible solutions.

Key personnel bring a wealth of expertise to the business. Don Henderson with 26 years of industry involvement, Alix Chittock with two decades of experience in farming and helicopter flying, and Gordon Rajendram, a seasoned scientific advisor with 36 years in soil science.

Profile Fertilisers’ commitment to environmental stewardship and affordability shines through in their core values. The company aims to offer farmers high-quality fertilisers that not only enhance crop performance but also contribute to environmental conservation. The manufacturing process for T3, with its unique slow-release properties and near-neutral pH, exemplifies their dedication to providing efficient and eco-friendly solutions.

The introduction of the patented lime product “Elevate,” requiring only 100 kgs per hectare compared to 1 tonne per hectare of traditional ag lime, marks a significant leap in cost-effectiveness and sustainability. As Profile Fertilisers continues to innovate, developing new products, their mission remains rooted in providing farmers with fertilisers that balance productivity, environmental protection, and economic feasibility.


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