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Our Philosophy

We believe in protecting and enhancing soil biology. We do this by producing high-analysis products that require lower application rates than most traditional fertilisers. 


Our team works with Farmers across the North Island to get their soil in optimum condition so that annual maintenance applications are all that is required. 


We recommend all of our clients complete annual soil testing and assist our clients with this if needed. 


Phosphate, Sulphur, Potash and Calcium are the main required elements that we concentrate on. Our recommended application rates are always informed by the information in your most recent, and historical soil test data (if available). 

“We have used Don Henderson as a fertiliser advisor for the past 2 years. This year we had the first draft of lambs on 6 November 2018 - 100 days after lambing. Out of 1,300 lambs, 490 lambs (37% of the total) were drafted at an average weight of 18.8 kg and realised $152 per head. This return was a farm record.”

– Andrew & Penelope Waugh

Our Products

T3 Beef and Sheep

T3 is unique and unlike other phosphate products. Low application rates and cost, but no detraction on farm performance.

DUO | A unique product

T3 plus our specialised high analysis fast-acting Elevate. All reactions are complete so no losses occur in either Phosphate or Calcium.


A slow-release environmental alternative to DAP, at a similar cost. 75-Day Nitrogen release. Long-term release of Phosphate and Sulphur.


Fast-acting aglime for annual applications at low rates per ha.

T3 Dairy

Aimed at maintenance applications, supporting biological activity and the environment. Nitrogen can be added.

“…we undertook to use his product T 3 on the 640 ha home farm. We applied 12 kgs of P per ha. We also applied 10 kgs of P per ha on the run-off block in November and have had outstanding growth since. The low cost of his fertiliser is another bonus.”

– Lewis & Aimee Small

Profile Fertilisers

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