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Our manufacturing process for our main phosphate product T3 is exclusive to Profilefert, as is the T3 product itself. T3 is slow release, is near neutral pH, 10% water soluble, and 60 citric soluble making T3 very efficient.


The newly designed and patented soil pH-enhancing product “Elevate” has been designed and developed by us. Elevate only needs smaller amounts per hectare application rate to lift soil pH and lower soil solution Aluminium compared to aerial lime. Elevate is compatible with all our other fertiliser products, which means you can attempt to correct soil pH and improve or maintain soil fertility in a cost-effective manner. As far as we are aware Elevate is a world first.


We are also in the process of developing other new products.

T3 Beef and Sheep

P 12 S 10 Ca 25


pH 6

Citric Solubility 65%

Water Solubility 12%


Contains – Mono, Di and Tri Calcium phosphates.
Elemental Sulphur added as required.


T3 is unique and unlike other phosphate products.

Low application rates and cost, but no detraction on farm performance.

Fast, medium and slow release phosphate.

DUO | A unique product

P 6 S 6.1 Ca 34

Duo includes T3 plus our specialised high-analysis fast-acting Elevate.

Aimed at maintaining or lifting phosphate and pH levels.

Cost-effective annual liming with the added benefit of phosphate.

An alternative to applying Aglime or Aerial lime with the ability to include phosphate and Sulphur.


N 15 P 8 S 7 Ca 16


A slow-release environmental alternative to DAP, at a similar cost.


75 Day Nitrogen release.


Long-term release of Phosphate and Sulphur.


Ideal for late autumn to early spring application.


Ca 40


Soil pH enhancing/reducing Aluminium toxicity for annual applications at low rates per hectare. Elevate is compatible with other Profile fertilisers.

T3 Dairy

P 10 K 10 S 7 Ca 20

Aimed at maintenance applications, supporting biological activity and the environment.

Nitrogen can be added.

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