Don Henderson

Don Henderson: A Farmer's Journey from Fields to Fertilisers

Meet Don Henderson, the down-to-earth farmer who switched things up from sheep and beef farming in Martinborough to trying his hand at dairy and kiwifruit in the Bay of Plenty. Don’s story isn’t flashy – it’s a tale of practicality, hard work, and a bit of a pivot in the ’90s.


In the mid-’90s, Don traded in his farming hat for a fertiliser cap, co-founding Fertco in ’99.


As the big boss, he turned a fledgling business into a fertiliser powerhouse, with sales hitting over 23,000 tonnes in just four years. Don introduced game-changers like DCP 10, a di-calcium phosphate fertiliser, and G-Lime, a granulated lime that raised a few eyebrows.


After Fertco, Don took a solo road trip, working on projects like Terracare’s granulation system and the birth of Replenish. He even did a stint in the UK, poking around granulated lime and phosphate research.

Health issues tried to slow Don down, but he bounced back. By 2018, he found himself in Palmerston North, teaming up with Joan and Tararua Heliwork for Profile Fertilisers.

Enter T3, Don’s brainchild – a phosphate product with a slow-release twist and a soil-friendly approach. It did better than expected, so Don, Joan, and the gang built their own manufacturing plant for this low-key rebel.

Joined by Dr. Gordon Rajendram and Alix Chittock, Don tackled the challenge of low pH and calcium levels in NZ’s hill country. The result? Elevate – a lime-based solution that’s low-key flipping the script, especially in Gisborne and Whanganui/Rangitikei.


Don’s vision isn’t about fireworks; it’s about practical changes. He dreams of Profile Fertilisers becoming a reliable name, shaking up the game without the drama. Forget water-soluble nitrogen; Don’s all about a greener, sustainable farming future. His story isn’t a blockbuster, but Profile Fertilisers is quietly making waves in the North Island. Stick around – it’s the slow and steady revolution.

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