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At Profile Fertilisers Ltd, we pride ourselves on crafting unique fertiliser blends designed for maximum efficiency and minimal cost to the end user. Our manufacturing process is meticulously controlled, ensuring optimal chemical reactions for the highest plant uptake. What sets us apart is the ability to tailor the pH and neutralisation of our products during the manufacturing process to meet individual needs.

Innovative Products and Research:

The heart of our innovation lies in products like T3, a revolutionary phosphate blend developed to move away from traditional di-calcic products. Dr. Gordon Ragendram, a seasoned scientist, joined us as a scientific advisor, catalysing research and development efforts that resulted in Elevate, a patented lime-based product addressing soil challenges in New Zealand’s hill country.

Towards a Biological Aspect:

Don’s vision for Profile Fertilisers is to evolve into a unique boutique fertiliser company with a biological aspect rather than a chemical base. We aim to offer farmers cost-effective solutions with high phosphate content, allowing for lower application rates and reduced overall expenses.

Profile Fertilisers

Customization and Nitrogen Addition:

Our products can be customised to meet specific needs, and nitrogen in the form of slow-release N or coated urea can be seamlessly integrated into most blends.


Vision for the Future:

Profile Fertilisers is committed to supporting New Zealand’s green movement. As we march towards organic status for our products, we’re actively developing an organic, high-performance phosphate and exploring options for bio-type nitrogen. The potential of a green DAP (Diammonium Phosphate) is on the horizon.

Profile Fertilisers

Meet the Team

Don Henderson

has accumulated 25 years of experience in the fertiliser industry, specialising in product design, machinery design, and general co-management.


His expertise extends to various aspects of the industry, making him a valuable asset in navigating the complexities of fertiliser production.


Contact Don Henderson:

Mobile: 021 643 698

Email: donh@profilefert.co.nz


Brian Abbot

is our dedicated sales representative with a background in rural services.


Leveraging his expertise, Brian offers comprehensive fertiliser advice to farmers throughout the North Island, ensuring they receive tailored and knowledgeable support for their agricultural needs.


Contact Brian Abbot:

Mobile: 027 245 0004

Email: abbot@farmside.co.nz

‘Science, Development and Recommendations’

Dr Gordon Rajendram PhD

Serves as an independent ag consultant and scientific advisor to Profile Fertilisers, as well as other companies, bringing an impressive 35-year background in soil science and agronomy to the team.

With experience at renowned institutions such as Ruakura and Ag Research, Dr. Rajendram’s expertise is invaluable in ensuring a scientifically informed approach to fertiliser-related endeavours.

Find out more about Dr Gordon Ragendram here.

Contact Dr Gordon Ragendram PhD:

Mobile: 021 466077

Email: rajendram@xtra.co.nz

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