Dr Gordon Rajendram

Dr Gordon Rajendram

Independent Science Advisor

**Dr. Gordon Rajendram PhD – Independent Soil Scientist and Fertiliser Consultant**

As an independent ag consultant, Gordon advises a number of companies.

Dr. Gordon Rajendram, a highly regarded soil scientist with a PhD from Waikato University and AgResearch, serves the Waikato region and the entire nation of New Zealand. With over 35 years of experience, he is dedicated to optimising soil fertility for farmers, ensuring efficiency, sustainability, and increased profitability.

During his 22-year tenure at AgResearch’s Ruakura Research Centre, Gordon played a pivotal role in developing two field-calibrated soil tests for Nitrogen and Sulphur, now integral to the Overseer nutrient model. His extensive research on nutrient leaching has also influenced the Overseer model.

Gordon’s contributions earned him nominations for prestigious Kudos Awards, including Scientist of the Year in 2008 and Science Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010.

As an independent agricultural consultant, Gordon leads the way in various aspects of soil science, applying his expertise to benefit the agriculture industry. With over 70 publications and six patents, his work continues to impact the field. Gordon’s monthly publications, featured on Farm Trader and his website, provide valuable insights for farmers.

What sets Gordon apart is his independence. This ensures that farmers receive unbiased, expert advice tailored to their specific needs. For anyone seeking to enhance soil quality and receive accurate guidance, Dr. Gordon Rajendram is the go-to independent soil scientist and fertiliser consultant.

Contact Dr Gordon Rajendram:

Mobile: 021466077

Email: rajendram@xtra.co.nz

Website: http://gordonrajendramsoilscientist.co.nz

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