Profile Fertilisers, Pahiatua Recommends Enforcer: The Eco-Friendly Fertiliser Solution

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Profile Fertilisers is proud to present Enforcer, a revolutionary new product in agricultural nutrition. Designed as a slow-release, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), Enforcer offers a balanced formulation of N 15, P 8, S 7, and Ca 16. This unique blend is not only cost-comparable to DAP but also boasts features that are specifically tailored to enhance soil health and plant nutrition over an extended period.

Enforcer’s innovative formulation allows for a 75-day nitrogen release, which ensures a steady supply of this crucial nutrient. This slow release is particularly beneficial during the critical growth phases of crops, reducing the risk of nitrogen leaching into waterways and thereby supporting environmental sustainability. Additionally, the product features a long-term release of phosphate and sulphur, essential nutrients that support root development and overall plant health.

Ideal for application from late autumn to early spring, Enforcer provides a robust nutrient foundation that supports plant growth throughout the colder months when nutrient uptake can be challenging. Its high calcium content is especially beneficial for soil structure, helping to improve water infiltration and aeration, which are crucial for healthy root development.

Farmers and growers looking for a sustainable fertiliser option will find Enforcer to be an excellent choice. Its slow-release properties mean fewer applications are needed, reducing labour costs and environmental impact. By using Enforcer, farmers can maintain high yields and healthy crops while contributing positively to the environment by minimising runoff and nutrient leaching.

Profile Fertilisers is committed to advancing agricultural practices that protect both yield and the environment. Enforcer is a testament to this commitment, offering a powerful yet sustainable solution that meets the needs of modern agriculture. Choose Enforcer for your crops and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable farming future.

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